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The KMSHA/SMHA is proud to announce our newly appointed Youth Coordinator for 2015 Natalie Wright -   Special thank you to David Moore for doing a great job for the Youth in 2014

Hi everyone! Weve almost made it through the first month of 2015 and although with the cold and snow you may not think it, our first show is right around the corner. I know were all going to have lots of fun showing and trail riding our horses this year but I want to know what other activities youd like to participate in.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about western riding? Or maybe jumping tickles your fancy. Have you ever wanted to try to ride side saddle? Maybe youve always wanted to learn how to rope a calf. I want to hear about all the things you already like to do but make sure you tell me what new things youd like to try too.

Also, let me know about your awesome equine knowledge skills. I bet there are some of you out there who could label every part to a saddle or tell me all about how to care for a sick horse. If there is a skill youd like to know more about, please send me a note or give me a call so I can make sure we do our best to include it in our year. Shoeing, bitting, basic veterinary care, anatomy, conformation, all of this counts and more!

This year is all about you and I want to make sure your year rocks! Im really looking forward to seeing those of you that I know again and I am so excited to meet new faces. Call your friends and ask them for suggestions too. Lets make sure we reach as many youth riders as possible! Remember our YOUTH TRAIL RIDE listed in the Calendar section of this KMSHA Newsletter. Happy Horsing!

Natalie Wright
859-227-2972  or KMSHA Youth page on FB

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In an effort to encourage young riders in a struggling economy, a youth sponsorship has been established to assist with the payment of expenses incurred while attending and showing your horses at sanctioned AA Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association shows.  

This sponsorship is intended to be used by those who need, and can benefit from, the assistance.  We ask that those of you who do not need assistance to please leave the funds for those who might not otherwise be able to show  horses.  

A short application form must be filled out in order to be considered for the sponsorship funds.  This application is available on the KMSHA website and must be returned to the KMSHA office at least two weeks prior to the show for which you are requesting funds.  

The funds can range up to $500.00 per show, depending on need.  They can be used for stall fees, class entry fees or DQP fees.  The amount of the sponsorship received can be by way of voucher or the amount can be deducted directly from the recipient's bill at the show.  

Please feel free to apply prior to each show , if you can use the funds.  Good luck at the KMSHA/SMHA AA shows!





Youth Log Sheet - keep track of your points and activities.




Images provided courtesy Memories by Chris.