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Park Equine Hospital ... Park Equine Hospital is a full-service equine hospital, spread across 25 acres, in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky horse country. They are are located on beautiful Paris Pike, approximately one mile inside of Bourbon County. They provide a comprehensive list of veterinary medical and surgical services ranging from basic needs such as routine farm care, pre-purchase exams, health certificates, coggins, diagnostics and lameness, to more critical needs such as colic and other emergency surgeries and "24/7" hospital care.

Gaited Horsemanship with Larry Whitesell ... Training gaited horses for almost 30 years, Larry uses his knowledge of classical training to produce horses that are light, soft and gait with seemingly no effort.

The Trail Rider Magazine .... America's Premier Trail and Pleasure Riding Magazine. The Trail Rider caters exclusively to trail and recreational horseback riders from coast to coast.

Outfitters Supply .... Offers quality trail riding gear, horse backing equipment, and camping supplies.

National Bridle Shop ....Your Gaited Horse and Rider Specialist. Manufacturers and importers of Horse equipment since 1947.

Three Phase Event ....The Three Phase Event, Inc, a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization, is dedicated to providing a venue for all breeds of soft gaited horses, their trainers and riders to demonstrate these horses’ versatility and usefulness.

JEFFERS EQUINE....Support the KMSHA show program! Order your equine and pet supplies from Jeffers Equine and a portion of your purchase will benefit the KMSHA show program. Your purchase will only count by clicking on the link at the left prior to placing your order from Jeffers.

THE SHOW PLANNER....An information-based website, The Show Planner provides links to a variety of equine related sources.