2012 Show Catalog and Rulebook

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Rulebook Updates



Changes to Show Rule Book "Please Make Note"

2015 Youth Conformation And Under Saddle Rule Changes.

Youth 15 Years & Older May Show Mares & Geldings In Hand. Youth 16 Years And Older May Show Stallions In Hand. Also, Open Classes Listed In Red With A 4 Are Special Classes For Riders 16 Years And Older Competing As A Youth Or Adult And May Show Stallions Under Saddle.


New and Modified  Rules & Regulations  4/23/2015 for Regular Shows and KBIF PROGRAM

  1. For KBIF Eligibility, “2015 Nominated Horses”–all show and breeding horses must be “Nominated for KBIF Awards” by June 30, 2015, Foals and Yearlings by Aug. 1, 2015 for the KBIF Futurity , any competitors who desire to show in the “INTERNATIONAL GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES” Sept. 3,4,5, 2015 at the KY Horse Park must also have their horses Nominated.

  2. KBIF AWARDS- in order to be compete for 2015 funds, Horses and exhibitors must attend  a total of at least 4 Regular Season KMSHA AA shows for 2015.

  3. How KBIF “Versatility” points are awarded for 2015:

You may accumulate points by competing in any of the following sanctioned events: Versatility Show Program at AA National Shows each season. Classes eligible- trail obstacle, western pleasure, driving and one selected class of your choice. Once you have competed in 3 of the offered classes the accumulated points in all of your Versatility classes will count towards the Most Versatile High Point Horses awards.   “You must compete in 3 different categories above for your points to count for the year”. Same horse, same rider in each show competition. No Exceptions.


















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January 2014 Changes to Show Rule Book
"Please Make Note"

Cross Entry Rule change:
ANY Youth class for 2014 may be cross entered by the same rider or riders and horse at the same show. Any Youth Rider or Riders can ride the same horse in multiple classes, one class up or one class down.

2014-KBIF Rule Change
Must compete in a minimum of "5" AA Shows to be eligible to earn KBIF Incentive Funds Money.  Must be a "member in good standing."  Membership renewed by May 1, 2014.

02.21.13 - Changes to Show Rule Book "Please Make Note"

2013 - Changes to Show Rule Book "Please Make Note"

  1. On page 71 number 2 on the first line change rain to rein.

  2. On page 77 second to last line "being shown on the rail" should be change to "being shown in the trail walk. Also on the third to last line change "stop" to "halt".

  3. On page 124 number 3 should be changed from "Halt from show gait or trail walk while doing rail work" to "Halt from trail walk while doing rail work".

  4. On page 94 line nine the word "twenty" needs to be changed to "eighteen".

  5. On page 122 number 1 should be changed to read "A halt may be called for during the trail walk.

  6. KMSHA/SMHA Examiners & Rulebook Note: It is required that Stallions must have two descending testicles when checked for "Certification" approval in either breed registry KMSHA or SMHA. Absolute requirement for inspection at Shows for any Stallion conformation or under saddle class.

  7. During 2013 Show Season any horse who is found to have not been transferred and ownership is incorrect or not current on the KMSHA/SMHA Registration, the horse/owner will forfeit any and all winnings or KBIF points for the season, without contest.

New 2012 KMSHA/SMHA Show Rulebooks now available.

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These Show Rules and Regulations will become effective summer 2008, and remain in force as amended from time to time by the KMSHA Show Advisory Committee (SAC).

These Rules shall also apply to all Spotted Mountain Horse Association (SMHA) sanctioned events. The Rules as printed in the most recent KMSHA/SMHA Rulebook shall be used at all KMSHA/SMHA sanctioned shows for KMSHA/SMHA classes, and at the KMSHA/SMHA International Grand Championship Show, unless otherwise amended by KMSHA/SMHA.