KMSHA/SMHA is dedicated to fair and impartial judging of all of its sanctioned events. The Show Judging Committee and the position of  Independent Director of Judges are in place to ensure that shows are judged fairly and in complete  accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the KMSHA/SMHA and published in the official rule book for the organizations. 

When updates to the rule book are required, those updates can be found at the KMSHA website.


Click for list of Approved Judges.  If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, contact the Independent Director of Judging for more information.

The following forms are available in the current Show Catalog and Rulebook as indicated below:

  • KMSHA/SMHA Show Score Sheets and Tests

    • Trail Obstacle Score Sheet

    • In-Hand Judging Score Sheet

  • KMSHA/SMHA Show and Judging  Evaluation Forms 

    • Judge Evaluation for Managers Form

    • Judge Evaluation Form

    • Judge's Show Report

    • Judge's Show Report (tri-fold)


    2006 Judging Video - This judging video has been prepared and will serve as a useful tool to members who wish to show and need more instruction on what division their horse would go into as well as learning about the new rules and regulations. 

    The video is available to purchase by contacting the KMSHA office.