KMSHA Board and Committees

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David D. Stefanic • Executive Director
859-699-3000 • 

Sue Stefanic • General Manager
859-221-6620 •

KMSHA Executive Board

Billy Caudill President 859-498-4203
Gary Taylor Vice President 859-302-3711
Sue Stefanic Treasurer 859-221-6620


Debbie Caudill 859-498-4203
Jenny McKinney 931-216-0810
Paul Morrell 606-879-1109

KMSHA Regional Representatives

Pacific Northwest
Linda Cheever 541-926-4071
Rick Brighton 425-226-6943

Dawn Hansen 707-888-4600

Shelly Spradlin 208-747-3713
Jack & Anne Williamson 406-229-5140

Jennifer Nichols 970-640-0000
Amanda Butler 520-444-4211
Carrie Snedden 307-286-7768

Konny Troupe 717-629-0342

Bill & Deb Dietz 815-369-4334

Ohio Valley
Gail Shumaker 330-659-0680

Linda Taylor 859-986-1304
Art Greene 859-743-3290

Harrison Harden 812-236-0373

Tommy Jackson 662-507-8335

Conrad Skidmore 352-302-8022

Vonda Hamilton 910-891-5022
Stephanie Pennell 540-927-0126

British Columbia
Deborah Watson 250-367-7322

Debbie Kimberly 905-424-4913

Member Meetings

Meetings are held in the PONY CLUB Building Conference Room   Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington KY.

KMSHA MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS - Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, contact the KMSHA Office.

Trainers and Exhibitors Committee

Meetings are held in the PONY CLUB Building at the Kentucky Horse Park.   Lexington KY 40511.

KMSHA Trainer’s and Exhibitor Meetings/SAC SHOW ADVISORY COMMITTEE - New members always welcome! The Winter month’s meetings are now held along with the monthly meetings the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. These meetings are open to ALL members! Please bring us your suggestions, we can use your help and support for the KMSHA shows and programs. Volunteer for any one of the association’s listed committees. We’d appreciate if you would volunteer your services.


Show Judging Committee

2006 brought the formation of a Show Judging Committee and a new Independence Director of Judging program.  The purpose of the program will be to ensure that all shows are judged fairly and impartially as set forth in the Show Judging Committee Rules and Regulations and that judges adhere to the judging standards. 

The IDJ will be in charge of reviewing judge's applications, interviewing judges, conducting educational programs and overseeing the licensing of  judges. 

The IDJ will review and assist in the revision of the show rules and will be responsible for assigning judges for each show. 

Show Advisory Committee

The Show Advisory Committee's monthly meetings are normally held prior to the monthly Member's Meetings

For more information, contact the KMSHA office.


Youth Advisory Board

If you would like to be a volunteer and help out with the Youth Program, please contact the KMSHA office.