Side by side, the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and the Spotted Mountain Horse Association pledge toprotect and preserve the heritage of our breeds by leading our membership in a positive and productive direction in this season and beyond.

Our united goal is to promote the value of our horse through positive premier programs, including National and Regional Shows, Trail Rides, National Marketing and Promotions, emphasizing quality and value.

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  • Our membership is our most valuable asset. We will accentuate loyalty and friendship as our motto and service and dependability as our guideline. We will strive for equality among our members no matter where they live or what they do and enlist their support in making our mountain horse breeds the biggest and best of all.

    This, our friends, is what the unbridled spirit is all about, it is our pledge to breed friendship and camaraderie as well as breeding our horses in a way that produces their continual enhancement. We want to continue to prove to all by our example, that we are at the "Top of the Mountains". We will do this through our dedication and loyalty to our horse and to each other.

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